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Manufacturer: ESWindows LLC
Series Name: ES2000 Aluminum Horizontal Slider
Operator Type: HSOX
Air Leakage:
Ventilation Rating (Standard Screen):
Ventilation Rating (Enhanced Screen):

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CPD #Manufacturer Product CodeU-factorSHGCVTCondensation ResistanceProduct Description
EWN-K-6-00018-00001 3mm SB70XL/090 PVB/3mm clear1.060.280.46 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), CL, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00018-00002 3mm gray/090 PVB/3mm SB70XL1.060.300.31 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), GY, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00018-00003 4mm SB70XL/090 PVB/3mm gray1.060.300.31 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), GY, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00018-00004 3mm SB70XL/090 PVB/3mm gray1.060.240.31 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), GY, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00019-00001 3mm SB60/090 PVB/3mm clear1.060.360.56 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), CL, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00019-00002 3mm gray/090 PVB/3mm SB601.060.350.38 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), GY, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00020-00001 3mm clear/090 PVB/3mm clear1.060.600.67 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), CL, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00020-00002 3mm solex/090 PVB/3mm clear1.060.510.62 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), GR, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00020-00003 3mm gray/090 PVB/3mm clear1.060.500.45 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), GY, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00020-00004 3mm gray/090 PVB/3mm gray1.060.430.30 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), GY, No Grid
EWN-K-6-00020-00005 3mm bronze/090 PVB/3mm clear1.060.520.50 15 Aluminum (Non-thermal)/Aluminum (Non-thermal), BZ, No Grid
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