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Search Instructions
General Product Type Search

This option allows you to specify product features, and search up to three Manufacturers for Product Lines containing products thats match.

To use:

  1. Using the drop-down box, select a Product Type (Window Type, Door Type, etc ...).
  2. If you wish to search on all Available Manufacturers simply click the 'Find Products' button
    (You will not be able to use Optional Criteria if searching all Available Manufacturers).
  3. To narrow your search, select up to 3 Manufacturers. Use the Add/Remove buttons or double click individual manufacturers.
  4. For advanced users, complete Optional Criteria if you wish to refine your search further(Again, only if 3 or fewer Manufacturers are selected).
  5. Once all selections are made, click the 'Find Product Lines' button.
  6. Product Lines listed contain products that match the search criteria


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