Manufacturer:   Madico, Inc

Film Series/Model NumberCPD NumberFilm TintFilm Location
CL 800 PS SR ADI-K-066 CL Interior
DG 35 ADI-K-067 GY Interior
DG 35 8 MIL ADI-K-069 GY Interior
DG 45 ADI-K-070 GY Interior
DG 45 8 MIL ADI-K-071 GY Interior
DG 55 ADI-K-072 GY Interior
LCL 2100 XSR ADI-K-073 CL Interior
MAC 3000 ADI-K-074 GY Interior
MAC 4000 ADI-K-075 GY Interior
MAC 5000 ADI-K-076 GY Interior
MAC 6000 ADI-K-077 GY Interior
NOVA 35 ADI-K-078 GY Interior
NOVA 50 ADI-K-079 GY Interior
NOVA 70 ADI-K-080 GY Interior
Optivision 5 ADI-K-081 GY Interior
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